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5 Reasons Why New Orleans is the Most Unique Place You’ll Visit

This vibrant Louisiana city is so full of life – enough funk to truly let your body do the talking as you walk the streets and enough culture to get your travel bug fix. Nola is so much fun and we’re bout’ to tell you why;

The Party People

The energy of Bourbon Street is enough to make your Nanna drop it low. The people residing in this area, will stand on their balconies and throw colorful beaded necklaces known as throws into the crowd, particularly to those who aren’t afraid to show a bit of skin. If you are lucky enough and stand with your arms in the air for long enough to catch someone’s eye – they will throw you a handful of vibrant beads for you and all your friends to wear for the night, without having to flash them. It’s all in good, wild fun and what makes New Orleans so unique! The dancing in the clubs and pubs is somewhat like that of a footloose scene, everyone dances together & the locals are more than happy to teach you the moves to dance along. The drinks are strong, so make sure you pace yourself, but it is an incredible place to enjoy life at its fullest potential.

Tip for Bourbon St – When travelling in this area, be extra cautious of your belongings. Put your bag over your shoulder with the zipper to the front and hold onto it. Fellas- put your wallet and phone in your front pockets. It’s just not worth the risk, unfortunately pick-pocketers are not going anywhere – I am all for being wild and free, but being conscious of your surroundings makes all the difference.

The Local Wildlife

There are many different reasons to get out of the city and visit what’s known as ‘The Bayou’ in New Orleans, however, the most frequented is to hop on an air boat with a bunch of friends and visit the local Gators in their natural habitat. We will warn you – these boats are LOUD- so rule number one, please utilize the glamorous earmuffs provided, hold on tight and enjoy that warm Louisiana breeze. Here comes rule number two – and one of the coolest discoveries of our time in the US- you can feed the Alligators, BUT you must feed them marshmallows- yes, marshmallows, they absolutely love them, We’ll just leave you with that..   *disclaimer – you are not required to BYO marshmallows – your tour guide generally provides them and will let you get amongst their bag!*

The Diversity of Culture

The City has two different cultures still existing today in so many ways; the most obvious (apart from the food- which is DELICIOUS) is the way the city is situated. It is divided – one side is known as the ‘American’ side of the city and the other – the famous ‘French Quarter.’ The Rich History of this Louisiana city, is still very much present and you can still see what was known as ‘the neutral ground’ located on the main streets separating the American and the French side of the cities where leaders of each division would meet to discuss & compromise laws, only these days – they look more like bus stops.

The Musical Talent

This is the most exciting and diverse music scene we have experienced, and believe us when we say – all of it – so, so good. From insanely young, vibrant kids on the street using buckets as drums, to smooth, rich jazz in the piano bars, It is a recipe for happy days no matter your genre of choice.

The Sea Level

The average elevation of the city is currently between 1 and 2 feet (0.30 m – 0.61 m) below sea level. It’s practically built on a swamp and due to this, it’s not unusual for the cobblestone paths to be filled with pools of water most of the time, but the most fascinating thing about the sea level in New Orleans? The cemeteries are built above the ground; they are built this way to literally stop the caskets from floating and they are pretty incredible to see. You know a city is unique when a cemetery also doubles as a tourist attraction. The oldest and most authentic cemeteries are located right in the city. The easiest way to get to my personal favorite -Lafayette is to jump in an uber (use this link for a $10 credit on your first ride) or on the off chance it’s not raining, just a 15-20 minute walk from the French quarter, you will find Saint Louis Cemetery No. 2.  The cemeteries can be daunting, but they have such a depth of beauty – a photographers dream!

Have you visited Nola? What did you find unforgettable?

Thanks for reading,

Peace, Love & Happy Travels


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